It takes a village to raise a child,
Mother Conference brings the village to you.


About Mother Conference


Mother Conference is a one-day educational event for new mums and mums to be. Learn More

With information on how to look after yourself and your new baby, it will empower women by giving them greater confidence through information and tips to tackle their new role as mothers.

Early childhood experts will provide insights into sleeping, settling, feeding, behaviour and developmental milestones. There will also be midwifery specialists, lactation consultants, nutritionists and post-natal physiotherapists onsite to provide one-on-one consultations.


My name is Claire Wootton and I am a mum of two boys.   Before I became a mum I was a corporate events manager, most recently in the finance sector. Learn More

After the birth of my first son almost 6 years ago I experienced post natal depression. Like many new mums I was completely overwhelmed with the daunting task of caring for a tiny newborn. Struggling with breastfeeding difficulties and a family that was two hours away, I was eventually diagnosed with PND. After seeing a specialist and commencing treatment, I was able to start to enjoy my motherhood journey.

I will never forget the fear, frustration and feeling of hopelessness I felt in those early days with my son. It was without a doubt the hardest time of my life. I had attended baby expos, baby classes, purchased all the right products and read all the books. Why was it all such a shock?

Over the years I have talked to other mums about this and discovered that I was not and am not alone. A lot of mums feel this way when their new baby arrives. Regardless of whether the baby is much longed for or a surprise, those first few months with a newborn are tough, scary and lonely.

People spend so much time researching how to give birth that not enough time is spent focusing on what to do with the child itself when it arrives.


Having a new baby is a wonderful, beautiful and life-changing experience, but it’s also really hard work and sometimes very lonely. Learn More

While it used to take a village to raise a child, now mums are expected to raise their kids without the village whilst slipping back into their skinny jeans and returning to work.

Mother Conference offers a helping hand to those navigating their way through the maze of motherhood and parenting. The first event of its kind in Sydney, it will bring mothers together in a nurturing, baby-friendly, relaxing environment that is not only informative but a well-deserved day out. Providing education, support and information sharing, the event will empower mums with the knowledge and confidence that they need to enjoy motherhood.



All that information – what’s a mother to do?
Robin Barker Author of Babylove and The Mighty Toddler
How to wire your baby’s brain for a lifetime of happiness
Dr Howard Chilton Author of Baby on Board and Your Cherished Baby
The first months of parenthood – what to expect
Jo Ryan Author of Babybliss
Morning Tea

Q & A session – your questions answered
Chris Minogue Mothercraft Nurse & Antenatal Educator
This session brought to you by Baby Conversations on Kinderling Radio
Thrive, don’t just survive – Practical tips from Positive Psychology
Debra Close & Kate Wilkie Flourishing Mothers
8 Steps to grow a family that thrives
Elly Taylor Author of Becoming Us
Emotional Wellbeing
Catherine Knox 
Author & CEO Gidget Foundation and
Dr Vijay Roach Obstetrician & Chair Gidget Foundation
Mini stretch session
Jemma McGeachie Physiocise
Fever: a hot topic in babies
Sarah Hunstead CPR Kids
Your body beyond baby
Jen Dugard Body Beyond Baby
How to get your mumma mojo back!
Emma Sutherland Nutritionist & Naturopath
Is this my beautiful life?
Jessica Rowe TV personality & author
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Come to Mother Conference and book in your one on one session with one of our specialists:


Civic Pavillion
The Concourse
Victoria Avenue
Opposite Westfield Chatswood
Chatswood NSW

Friday 16th October
9am – 5pm

Contact Us
0403 818 560
P.O. Box 1571
Strawberry Hills NSW 2012

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